New theme

I have been jumping between too many themes for the blog now. But I think we have a winner. This has all the colors I love..turquoise, red, white, gray! Hope you like it as much 🙂


Its a sign to do to what I love

I have been going through this phase of ‘what the hell am I doing in this job…i dont belong here’ scene on and off…but for the money and responsibility that I have…I swallow the feeling and continue my configuration! I see people around me who love what they do and wonder how that feels?!? I have taken a course in UC Berkeley on interior design 2 years ago but with work and commute to class to the city was just not working out…so i stopped that…Never in my life have I listened to someone talking (technical stuff) more than 5 mins but I was able to listen every minute of the 3 hour class surprising myself!

Last week the same feeling of what i am doing came back but very strongly …so I decided to continue my studies in a college close to work. I slowly started researching the colleges and courses offered and finally narrowed down to a college about 10 miles away from home. I have been meaning to go there and signing up but for some reason never did.

Today, after finding a mail from a colleague who summarized the work I did…wrote as if we together did everything and got appreciation…Off I am to the college…wish me luck!!