Room makeover

So I have been wanting to put in paper all that I imagine to do in a room…I have finally learnt how to do that with photoshop and I am so so so excited about it. To begin experimenting…I took my kitchen and turned into a white one (you all know how much I drool for a white kitchen ;))…this is my first make over… its not a perfect one but I am sure it will only improve in future 🙂 🙂




Handmade ku OOOO!


Block printing

Couple of years ago I had bought this beautiful block print from a local store near my house thinking I would use it some day on something and then came pregnancy, baby, diapers etc etc.  Yesterday I felt super crafty and decided to use the block print on my empty white curtains in the dining area. It took sometime to master the technique but it came out really good. Although the pattern which is very ethnic doesnt go with my dining area…it by itself looks very very pretty.


photo2 (3) photo1 (7) photo3 (5)

photo3 (4) photo3 (3) photo2 (2) photo1 (6) photo1 (5)

The room looks very bright which is the best part of my entire home but I tried my best to showcase the curtains…I also changed the chandelier if you noticed 😛


Handmade ku OOOO!