Ikea redemption

I found 2 empty box of pepparkaka ginger biscuits in my office during the swedish festival. They were sure going to the trash, so I took them home. It was lying in the kitchen counter for few months now. Last week I decided to make a bread box out of it by spray painting 🙂

First I spray painted it yellow, made a peal-able sticker “BREAD” and then painted red over it. Pealed off the sticker which gave it a old look. The box went from this


to this

DSC_4448 DSC_4449


Handmade ku OOOO!



Bath&Body works reuse

Today I converted 2 bath and body works candle holder into containers. My friend was going throw away her candle holder after use…i took it from her thinking I could clean it up and reuse as the holder is very cute and sturdy…ofcourse i could reduce one trash thrown out 😉

Its pretty silra matter…does not take more than 10 mins to bling it up. After complete use of the candle, put it in freezer for couple of hours. The left out wax comes out very easily..maybe you need to stick in your knife a bit initially. The sticker on the side comes right off when you have it wet and sticker at the bottom needs a bit of work but if you keep it wet….its pretty easy.  There you go!


Handmode ku OOOOOO! Lets go green 🙂