Standard shams

I am writing a tutorial to stitch a standard sham. This is the story….

We had a squeaky bed and I desperately wanted to change it as it disturbed my 3 month old a lot when we got on/off it. I kept bugging my husband to change and he usual said we will and it never happened. One day we were walking by  z gallarie and I fell in love with this bed..


As always, impulsively I buy it. We got king size this time and now comes the hunt for king size duet. I was all over internet…literally….I wanted something light and soothing. First I got something from pottery barn



Super excited me nicely set it up and 2 days later husband says its too thick and he doesnt like it. The search starts again…I felt like I could find the right guy for my daughter but will never get a duvet for my bed! Finally after a month of search I got the last piece of Martha Stewart collection




I order it and felt in peace…a day later comes the mail saying they are sold out on shams and have only the duvet and they already shipped. So I had the duvet but no shams for the pillows. I have to tell you I loved the quality of the duvet..its very soft and soothing when I enter the room. I decided to go to Jo ann and buy some matching color material and stitch pillow myself  which never happened as taking my baby  who hates car seat is next to impossible. So I was hunting for the shams all over internet and finally found queen size duvet from a seller. So I got the queen size duvet and stitched sham for my bed. Heres how I did it



Cut the material in the above given measurement. Put a sham that you already have on the back side of the material like below. You can measure and sew but I do this way to get the measurements right (see below).

photo1 (1)

Once you have that in place, mark and pin the edges where you have to sew (like below)

photo2 photo3

Now stitch the edges and here you have it..

photo4 photo1 (2)

I wanted to go one step further and make it nice like store bought one…so I measured about 1.5 inch inwards and marked (like below) on all sides and stitched over them.



photo2 (1)


If I had got the pillows originally, I would have pai $40 each but now I spent $60 for the queen duvet which covered all 4 pillows and I can atleast stitch 10 bags out of the rest. I will stitch and put the tutorial for that later. Hope this helped.

Btw, the new bed is also squeaky…LOL 🙂


Homemade ku OOOOO!


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