Fondant Cup Cakes

So I keep seeing beautiful cakes and wondered how its made as they dont look like the ones we get in India. I see all kinds of 3D shapes and didnt know how they are made. I started googling about it and figured they are called fondant cakes and made with fondant…more digging…more digging…more digging…I kind of figured how its done. Ofcourse I wanted to do it myself (you know me)

After shopping amazon,sur la table, local store, Micheals, $70 later…I have minicup cakes and fondant decoration on top of it

fondant cupcakes ladybug minion


You can buy white fondant and buy vegetable coloring to make your colored fondant or buy colored fondants directly. Once you have them, you can make whatever you want. Its a lot of time and practice but you can master it.

bee bee2 flower


If you are also wondering how to do these, go to the store and do it. Its not as complicated as you think 🙂

Btw, I used the below recipe for cupcakes and icing.


Home made ku OOOO!



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