Rosemary infused salt scrub

I had a fun filled long weekend with lot of events. I made soap, a real one with lye :-), went to beach, made a salt scrub, quick sit out area setup in the family room, lots of sleep catching up, pigged out in some nice restaurants, some dance mix 😉 and so on. Today I am going to write about the salt scrub that I made.

A friend of mine had rosemary in her backyard and I wanted to make something with it. I have been wanting to make a salt scrub for quite sometime now so I infused rosemary in honey couple of weeks ago to make salt scrub. Yesterday I finally had a chance to make one!

Took the rosemary infused honey, strained it

Mixed course sea salt in olive oil just enough to cover the salt

Add the honey

There you have it

photo(28)photo(27)  photo(29)


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