Terra cotta jewelry

I saw it,loved it,wanted to learn how to make it,learnt it and here it is! My first terra cotta jewelry piece. I think it came out ok for a starter. I like it 🙂

image image image

This was just a quick project this evening..i couldnt resist trying as soon as i received my clay. I will explore more during long weekend. You will see more on this very soon 🙂

Handmade ku OOOO!


41 thoughts on “Terra cotta jewelry

  1. hi came across your site.I love to learn terracotta Jewell making. . I live in New jersey in USA .Can you tell me the process for baking the clay in oven.Do you bake in microwave oven or oven? what is the temperature do you maintain in the oven for baking? how long will you keep the jewellery inside the oven? can you please help me?TIA!

  2. Hi Anu, I’m Deepthi, I live in Singapore and have been trying to find out how to bake terracotta at home…thanks for sharing the information, seriously your doing a wonderful job….keep going keep rocking…. handmade ku kandippa OOOOOOOOO podanum…

      • Higher the number, thinner the wire. You need a medium size thickness to hold the clay. I got 32 gauge and found it to be too thin. I havent tried 24, so cannot say if its too thick. May be 28 if you get, see the product before you buy. I got it online and found it to be thin. THanks

    • Hi Deepthi,

      You can bake terracotta at home if you have a coal based barbeque grill at home. Use coal briquettes instead of using actual coal as the briquettes give an even heat and burn for a longer duration at a steady temperature. We do the same and it works well for us. You can see some of our collections at http://www.wowtheterracottastore.com

      Divya & Ranjith

  3. Hi terracotta looks wonderful. Could you please tell me how to bake terracotta clay.. what is the temperature required to bake the clay…

  4. Hi where u have mentioned bout oven Temp ? Not ablr to grt all those details 😦 ur creatively improved me a lot..kudos

  5. Hi where u have mentioned bout oven Temp ? Not ablr to grt all those details 😦 ur creatively improved me a lot..kudos

  6. Hello mam..i have a doubt..my terracotta jewellery got bursted when i baked them in microwave oven,despite of air drying for 2 hours.Pls guide.

  7. hai…this is meghana i wanted to know the baking procedure…im desperate to know about the baking procedure and make some jewellery fo myself…i have seen your posts but didnt find the exact one…please tell me the temperature and how much time should we bake in the oven?

  8. can u plz mention d temp fo bakin… ua leavng an image of d clay ua using but plz mention wat instructionz r givn on it n wat ua folowng based on ua expernce…. datz d main part in dis terracotta whch evryone hide….n hope u wont….!

  9. Hi Mam this is Rezi my terracotta jewellery getting burst while baking in klin pot could you please give me an idea about baking without breaking it

  10. Terracotta jewellery burst when i baked them:
    It’s not about the clay you use but how you have mixed it and the water content in the clay. Excess water content even if air dried can cause a bubble inside. This when heated turns into air. Hot air tends to expand and boom.. your hard work blows away. Make sure that the clay in mixed well and no water or bubble is left between layers of clay. This comes out of practice only.

    Paint to use:
    Acrylic paint, preferably pearl metallic finish.

    Hope these help some of you’ll.

    Please visit my website @ http://www.wowtheterracottastore.com. You can see some simple designs of terracotta jewellery in the shop section. Please do share the link with your friends if anyone is interested in buying terracotta jewellery.


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