Glass Bead Making

Hello Hello! I have something new to write about today 🙂 I got to know about a place near my home where they teach Glass Bead making and there was a deal for it. I signed up for it not sure if I can handle it as I knew I had to work with fire. Little skeptical I rushed from work during a week day for the class. It was a factory like setup where I was seated with equipments that I had no clue about. Next 4 hours was the best of time of my life. I am really excited to write this post.

We were given glass tube that were to be melted and made in to beads. Once thats done, you can get creative and make designs on it. I tried making flower, heart designs on the beads. Once made, they have to kept in 970F for a day and then have to cooled down. While melting the glass, careful care needs to take so its not cooled down quickly which would cause it to break. Constant heat needs to be given to the bead until you finish your design. Its a lot of fun making. It was like meditation for 4 hours to me.

val demo 2

Sorry I dont have a better picture to show you how its made. My camera didn’t work and I am sharing a friends picture above. Here are some of the beads I made (lots of pictures as I am very very excited :D)

IMG_1015 IMG_1016 IMG_1019 IMG_1020 IMG_1022 IMG_1023 IMG_1030 IMG_1031 IMG_1032 IMG_1033 IMG_1035 IMG_1037 IMG_1040 IMG_1042

If you are interested in making Glass beads, check out for Glass making institute in your area. If you are in the Bay area region, check out the below site. They have other classes for making vases, plates etc.

Now I have to make a bracelet with these beautiful beads. Have a nice week ahead!

Handemade ku OOOO!


4 thoughts on “Glass Bead Making

  1. Wow, you did great for your first time out !! They look like professional beads to me !! My hubby wants to learn and he bought a kit and tried it on his own, not near as good as your first beads, but he did fine. He lost his studio when our kids moved in and so we have not gotten back to it. I am hoping when he is able to get his studio back up maybe we can both learn. Hard to find classes here in Texas !!
    I am glad you had so much fun and found something you love to do !!

      • Yes, Hobby Lobby carries stain glass supplies and when we went to buy glass for my hubby, he saw the bead making kit and we used a 50 percent off coupon to purchase it. I think it runs about 100 full price. He only got to play with it once and his studio got packed up for our daughters family to move in. We hope to get his studio back up as soon as our kids buy thier own house , hopefully soon !!

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