No zip or button Pillow cover

Its spring and I wanted to add more color to the family room. I have been drooling at few of fabrics in IKEA but I dont know how to add zip to fabric and I never took time to learn. Few days ago, I found a super cool way to make a pillow without zip or bottons here.

I got super happy and ran to IKEA to get my fabrics (1/2 yard for each pillow) 🙂 🙂 It took only 15 mins for each pillow as I mostly eyeball my measurements and dont iron but use my finger nails to fold.

Cover the pillow with the measured fabric. I eyeball but you can measure the pillow case and leave 3 to 4 inch for the seem. Pin the ends and mark for the seem like below.


I sew the edges before this procedure.


Now you have pinned the fabric with pillow inside.



Remove the pillow carefully


You have the pillow cover ready for sewing.


Sew the ends and turn it upside down



Inser the pillow and Voila!!

IMG_0275 IMG_0278

The pillow in the center cost me $30 in pier 1 but the pillow I made cost me $7 ($4 for cushion and $3 for fabric)!

Handmade ku OOOO!


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