Do you dig your kitchen?

Although I have least interest in cooking, I dress up my kitchen like a mom does to her kid. I keep it clean (thanks to my husband). My guest have given feedback to my inlaws that it looks never cooked..they just smile and nod (they ofcourse know thats the truth :p :p)

I have a collection which are treasure to me..they are from all over..from flea market to Anthropology. Those who know me know I am all about colours, you are sure to see some colours here!

This tea mug is from HomeGoods…makes me calm down whenever I look at it. This was Love at 1st sight!


I got these cups in flea market for $15..I was told its from early 1900 and its made in Poland. Its been with me for over a year and never been used. I dont think I will ever use them! Not even for my fancy guests :p :p

DSC_4499 DSC_4500

I got this bowl from Barcelone. I had a blog about the store in the past, you can find it here

I would have bought the whole store but ended getting this beautiful bowl. I wish I could make a trip just for this 🙂


I love the canister in Sur La Table but they were too expensive for me. Since then I was hunting for similar ones…I got these in Home Goods. This suits my home better!

Sur La Table One can be found here:


I got these from Leavenworth (a small town 2 hrs from seattle) during Xmas. I use them for sugar and Coffee. Aren’t they super cute? 🙂


These cute salt pepper holders are from Pier1. Theres are story to this in my house. They mostly look at each other. When one of us is angry at each other, we turn the other one away 🙂 sort of a way to tell each other “I am pissed with you” hahahaha..For those who are curious right now we are ok, just that the photo was taken like this.


This weekend I got these yumminess from Anthropology…Oh so Yummmmmm!



Do you dig my kitchen?? 🙂 Have a nice week ahead you all 🙂

Handmake ku OOOO!


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