Colorful omelet

I am going to share a recipe from one of my best friends who is an awesome cook…part of my weight comes from her yummy yummy biryani 🙂 we all lovingly call her “Minu Maa”..The “we” is my gang…we are 7 of us who have been best friends for years. I am hoping to have more and more recipe from Minu Maa in future..yeeee!! 🙂

Last week she sent me the following recipe. In her own words:

Spring onion Omelet:-

1. Medium Size Eggs  – 2 nos

2. Parsley  – one Table Spoon ( Chopped)

3. Spring Onion –  I stem  medium size ( Chopped)

4. Chilli Flakes –  2 Teaspoon

5. Salt  – 2 pinch ( to taste)

6. Olive oil  – 2 Tea Spoon

Mix ingredient 1 to 5 in a bowl. Heat a  nonstick pan, sprinkle 2 teaspoons olive oil and  fry the mixture in medium flame. Keep it yellow. No need to turn it.

I tried the recipe this morning and yummmmm!

DSC_4468 DSC_4470 DSC_4473 DSC_4477 DSC_4483 DSC_4486 DSC_4489 DSC_4490

I did some changes in the second omelet by adding a bit of basil leaves and it was not bad either 🙂

Give it a try!!

Homemade ku OOOO!

PS: Lets dig up recipes from our grandmaa’s ,grand grand maa’s and ofcoure your own creations…send me your recipes..I will try them and post in my website. Lets enjoy the yumminess and pass it on for generations to enjoy as well 🙂


6 thoughts on “Colorful omelet

  1. I cannot tell you how much I miss the food and the blissful times-arguments inclusive!!!

    On another note- Anu, are you going to taste fish and mutton as that IS THE best creations of Minu 😉

  2. Anu..Dint know you eat egg ??!! Minu cant escape with one simple recipe like this.. You got to spill out more , like your mutton / egg biriyani…Cheers to Minu darlings ! 🙂

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