My first before and after

Long long ago, so long ago…actually 3 years ago…I helped a good friend decorate her room. We use to be room mates for a year…..had lots of food …oops..sorry …had lots of fun together…watched all chick flick movies..sobbed together. She has a big hand in the sense she cannot make food for 1 person. Since she makes in huge quantities I used to eat in the name of helping her finish the food (in my language OC mangalam). Eventually we both got married…grrrr…not like that…she got married to her boy friend and  I got married to my hubby…i don’t know whats with people writing husbands name with their starting letter….let me try….I got married to P….hmm….still don’t like it…I got married to my hubby…that’s sounds better…Ok let me come to the point

She and her husband lived in different cities due to work. Finally he found a job where she worked. She was very excited to start a new life with him BUT the apartment she lived in was an empty slate, without any furniture and it had to be setup before he moved. We were on a limited budget. She was renting and didn’t want to put in too much money. We went to Home Goods and local furniture stores to fill up her apartment. Got a sofa for $400, dining table for $150 and other accessories for around $150. Heres how it turned out….super fun project ! 🙂

photo (3) photo (2) photo (1)

I don’t have a before picture but you can imagine an empty apartment i guess 🙂

Handmade ku OOOO!


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