Home made Body Butter

Its spring! The weather is awesome outside and its time to get out of the cozy couch ppl. Ofcourse my skin is going to get dry, sun burnt and itchy due to the allergies. How awesome would it be nourish our skin with goodness of shea,olive and coconut oil end of the day! I am not going to buy a bottle that says shea butter etc etc in the label..God knows what else they have added to it…so I decided to make my own (vera enna vela) 😀

Heres what I did 2 days ago and I already feel like taking shower twice a day (ppl who know me will be very surprised with this statement 😉 )

1 cup – shea butter

1/2 cup – coconut oil

1/2 – olive oil

Melt everything together


Added water lily essential oil (very floral) essential oil


Put in fridge for 30 mins


and then mixed it with my mixer for 10 mins


until i got a semi solid consistency


I left it in room temperature for 30 mins and got creamy consistency


My skin says YUMMMMM!


Now the possibilities are endless…I cant wait to try all the possibilities to make my own flavor body butter. I did 1/4 of the quantity I mentioned and expect it to come for 2 to 3 weeks. I plan to leave in fridge and take it out 1 hr before shower. After a hot shower, when the pores are open..i applied this cream and felt my skin getting very soft and shiny shiny! No more buying body cream in stores..yeeee!

This turns out really cheap as I am still using the 1 pound unrefined shea butter 1 got may be 9 months ago for $16! I still have 1/2 package left after making atleast 40 soaps,shampoo and things I have made. Olive oil and coconut oil is pretty cheap. Only thing I splurge on is the essential oil but which will come forever as I use little drops. Can this get any better?!?! 🙂

Home made ku OOOOOO!


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