Zen doodle

Today I learnt this stress bursting art called zen doodling. Heres a zen doodle I made today


Its a very simple art done with free hands…I am not even near to an artist. “If art was a line…i am sooooo far away that the line is a dot” (remember the line from friends from joe)

Anyway, this is my first doodle and “I” think its pretty cool. This is how you do:

Make an outline of what you want to draw..in my case….hmmm…in my case…..ahem…in my case…..well….i have no clue what this is yar…for the sake of explanation lets assume this snow man looking bird..

Next make inner lines however you want and start making patterns …whatever pattern…really whatever pattern inside each space you made with the lines…for eg…head of the crown…i simply put dots…thats really the whatever 🙂 repeat everywhere possible with different pattern…


Well, it doesnt end there…there possibilities are endless…adding color, edging with pencils …ofcourse watching the negative space and keeping it interesting etc etc….Google as always is our guru. If you are interested, GOOGLE I say!

Handmade ku OOOOOO!


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