Lavender face pack

I remember the days when I use to bug my grandma to boil milk so I can get paaladai (top layer to the boiled milk,,no idea what its called in english) to mix it with green gram flour (payatha maavu) and apply it on my face. For the chennai heat, everyones face is tanned like hell….this 10 minute face pack gives immediate brightness to face and adding paaladai makes the skin soft. My grandma’s mom use to take shower with payatha maavu until she lived…her skin still was glowing at 90s…I use to apply so many things that were right in my kitchen for my body and hair…like oil bath every week for body and hair…applying oil to my hair twice or thrice a week etc etc….the habit got lost in the American super market beauty aisle I guess! They sure are attractive.

Anyway…coming to the points of India…I had bought lots of dried lavender few months ago (dont ask me why i bought…i am known for buying things which are not necessary to even my distance relative)…. have been thinking of putting to use since then….as usual sudden bulb today.. I thought about payatha maavu!

I made the dried lavender into powder and mixed with payatha maavu to make face pack.

1/2 cup – Lavender powder

1/4 cup – Payatha maavu (green gram flour)

Mix them together! One can be more creative and add oats or turmeric powder (I recommend kasturi manjal as it doesnt yellow your skin) etc etc…I will leave it to your imagination.

Today I used this mix with honey and milk to apply on my face…I left it for 15 mins …nicely enjoyed the soothing lavender smell…completely relaxed me to end my day! It also acts like a face scrub when you wash it off…my skin felt soft and bright! You could also mix it with lemon, top layer of boiled milk, olive oil or any other oil…its all in the imagination!

photo(15) photo(14)photo(16)photo(13)

Hope you will grab this dried lavender when you see it next time! Homemade ku OOOOO!


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