Nannnnn laaaaaann

Semma kadiya oru weekend….rug makeover panrennu $150 rug naaasam panen…i probably will write a post on “how to screw up with your projects”! Idhuku 1 day leave vera pochu 😦

Anyway…you all know about my family room lamp which had a makeover recently…

I didnt have any complaints with the way it turned out until the night…the moment i turned on the light was a night mare..

Ipdi irundha lightu


Light podadhum ipdi aiduchu…you can clearly see my ugly paint job.


I have no clue I was living with this all this while. I couldnt believe that I couldnt come up with a better idea…i searched all over the internet and local stores for a white shade…i couldnt find anywhere and even if I did, they were all $30+

Didirnu oru bulb erinjudhu nethi…i went to michaels and got big thick white chart for $6.50. It was big enough to make 2 shades…so I cut it into 2, made a circle. Pasted it with gorilla glue at the end. Old shades lendhu I removed the steel rod which I reused in my new shades. I made the chart shades with exact measurement of the steel rod so it just slid in. I didnt even have to paste it to the shades and voila!!

photo(5) photo(6)

I have spent many many hours thinking of a way to make this lamp shade white but it took more than a year to come up with this simple idea.

Creativity konjam late 😦 but I am super happy with the project!  “Ada cha,,idhu ku dhan indha build up a? nu neenga kekalam” but the moment I turned on that switch ..koundar solra madiri “Naaaaaannnn laaaannn america la iruka vendiyadhu” apdi irundhudhu :p


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