Home made lip balm from my kitchen

Here comes another post on home made cosmetics – How to make lip balm!

In the process of going home/handmade on everything in my life..I explored making lip balm today. Thats something that I use atleast 3 to 4 times in a day ..it better be with all nourishing ingredients…what say? I can tell you its not rocket science…actually its not even 1st std science šŸ˜€

All you need are beewax, nourishing oil of your choice, flavor if you care.

Here are the ingredients I used:

– Beewax – 10 gms

– Vit E oil from the capsules – 5 number

– Olive oil – 1 tsp

– Shea butter (Unrefined Raw) – 1 tbsp

– Coco butter (Unrefined Raw) – 1tbsp

– Mango butter

– Avacado oil – 1 tsp

– Jojoba oil – 1 tsp

– Edible flavor

Melt (not boil) beewax and the other oils together in a double boiler. At this point its pretty much done but one key thing to watch for is – once the mixture is melted together, use a spoon to dip inside take some mixture. Leave it outside for a minute, check consistency to see if its oily enough. If its too much liquid, add beewax. If its too much firm use oil (olive oil helps to make is less firm) . Once you reach the consistency you need, use a pipette to pour it in the lip balm container or tube. You can get them in amazon. Leave it for 10 to 15 mins and its ready to use!

Visual procedure:









Few things I learnt from my experiment:

I didnt want to use the essential oil that I had at home as I will surely lick the lips when I apply. Wanted to cautious as to what I lick :p

– I added vanilla essence but it didnt disolve in the oil

– Later I tried to add cinnamon powder – that didnt dissolve either

– I tried to add some color with beetroot powder (Dumb me, should have learn with cinnamon powder that powders dont work “Ethiroli — Romba late di ne”)

To do in my next experiment:

Buy edible essential oil to add

Also figure out a better way to add some color.

Stick Label that says “Anu’s home made lip balm” šŸ˜€


See you next time with another homemade cosmetic recipe!

Handmade ku OOOOOO!


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