Peek a boo – Home back home!

You all know about the India house and my plans for kitchen..if not..check out my previous blog here (last 2 updates)

Heres the latest…..

In over ethu I jumped on a flight and left to India to see my home 🙂  To me it felt like Shahrukh taking a flight and going to punjab to meet kajol..hahaha…so I reached on a sunday morning from Dubai.Stopped over to visit my SIL and Co- bharathar 😉 ! I was tired and jetlagged but kada kadanu saptu straight a veedu pakka poyachu….i dont even remember if I took shower :p

Quick 20 mins drive led to the apartment. Great area…sure to be hot in 2 to 3 yrs time.. the apartment sits on a junction which has a shopping mall next to the apartment. I hear we are going to get a bank and nilgiris store in the mall which is all I care about. From outside the apartment still looked under construction although there are few families who have moved in already. The elevator which is touch by the way 😉 took us to the 7th floor and there was MY apartment! I cant emphasis how much owning a house (well apartment) mean to me.

Apartment was airy, very well lit in all the rooms. The kitchen with walls open made a great difference. Rooms were big enough but dining area was quite small…I am sure I can come up with some idea to put a 4 seater there. Initially I wanted a casual look to put a bench on one side and chairs on the other but I didnt think I could after visiting the house. After several deep breathe enjoyable moments….every room started shaping in my head. I have to say..after the visit my brain was non-stop with ideas. I was planning to get the apartment ready before I came back to US..WHAT WAS I THINKING???

By the time I explained whats in my mind and found a company who understood and bring it in reality it was time to come back to US. Anyway ..all good…found a company who I had confidence in finally… In the meantime…I had decided on the paint colors of the room…ideas to bring life to our old furniture (am all about reusing…i bet ‘reusing ke evlo selava nu’ my husband is thinking right now when he reads this)  what kind of lighting for the rooms etc etc. The idea is to have a modern space overall. Let me go over each room now

Living room:

I LOVEEEE brick walls and I dont have one in the US house. I was certain to have one in my chennai house….my dad brought up point that its not easy to maintain in chennai like in US as there are insects that could get in there…very true but I am not going to give up on my brick wall idea that easily as I dont see myself moving out of my current home any soon. I decided to go with artificial brick walls 😉 I ordered one of my choice and took it to India. Thats going on one wall in the living room.

The TV is going to be wall mounted opposite to the brickwall. I also looked around for a simple shelf to hold electronic stuff and books…still on the look out…lets see what I find there.

We dont own a sofa so thats one thing I am going to splurgeeeeee on. A comfortable half white recliner is on the brick wall side with a side table (which am still looking for) and a coffee table (going to reuse what I have now)

I have been thinking of using carpet tiles for living room…i havent been able to get a nice one yet.

2 small chairs will need to be purchased as sofa will take major space but have to have seating atleast for 4 people. That is still on the look out.

Above the sofa is a colorful photo of downtown and my mom suggested a great idea to put old chennai picture! I am still hunting for a picture which can be blown up.

I am reusing the curtains that I used in my US home ( got from IKEA) The colors will work very well with living room colors. The rest of the walls are going to be cream and my brick wall is more this curtain I think will bring it all together!


As you can see I am on look out of lot of things for living room. Compared to living room other rooms are in a much matured state. Bedrooms and kitchen in the coming posts…

Handmade ku OOOOO!


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