Glycerin soap making

Semmmma busy busy month ku apparam.dhideernu vela mudunjuduchu inaiku..appada nu 4 maniku es aitu veetuku vanten…correct a pona vaati panna soap batch gaali. Ok indha vatti i decided to glycerin soap. To my surprise this was much simpler than the vegetable base soap that i posted few months ago

I actually finished making it in 10 mins. YES! you read it right…10 mins. Heres what I got new in addition to all the ingredients I had before.


Got glycerin soap base

Mango butter

Few natural colorants

Few new fragrance

Avocado oil

First I cut glycerin soap base in to small cubes.


Heat in microwave for about 45 seconds (Instead of double boiling the vegetable soap base for more than 15 mins…I should try microwave vegetable soap base next time…may be it will work..will try next time)


First I made men’s soap. I got this very masculine fragrance called Rain from a store in LA. I melted my usual Shea butter, coco butter along with mango butter and mixed with the melted glycerin base.


Then added the following

Rain fragrance

Grape seed oil

Natural colorant green with olive leaves powder

Vit E oil

jojoba oil

Avocado oil




There is my glycerin soap for men! Finish…took only 10 mins.

Now I started with women’s soap exactly with same ingredients except for the fragrance and colorant. I got a very flowery fragrance called Gardenia and beet root powder colorant. Trust me I could smell beetroot when I mixed….hmmmm…so natural 🙂

Now internet is my Guru for this soap making ….so I am making errors and learning from it. I added the colorant powder to mens soap mix which didnt get mixed very well so when I made my soap..I mixed it with wanter before adding to the soap mixture.


You will see the difference!

After 4 hours in freezer, TADAAAAAA


Idha patha namma pears soap madiriye irundhudhu so adha vechu namba pears soap ad madiri nan scene poten…tapnu hubby photo eduthu en fb la pottu manatha vagiyaaachuuu…already naraya per otti thallirpanga…nan poi pakaren 😉

Handmade ku OOOHOOOO!


3 thoughts on “Glycerin soap making

    • and prad have been using my soap for last 8 months and so far no complaints. This is the 1st time I am trying glycerin soap..have done only veg base soap in the past 🙂

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