Mid week jewelry project

Ennadhan thalaivar “adigama asa padara pombalaiyum adigama kova padara ambalaiyum uruptadha saritharame illa” nu sonalum..a girl cant get enough of jewels and sarees (period) and its so much fun when you make your own jewelry!!

Few months ago, I made a right angle weave bracelet and I loved the weave. I made a sparkly sparkly swarovski crystal bracelet (Blue with white crystal) http://rangdeyaara.blogspot.com/p/sparetime-crafts_13.html

Following that, I made a beautiful chain with same weave and wanted to make a matching bracelet. I got the kit and never got a chance to finish it.Yesterday I took time to finish it and here it is 🙂


Yet to make an ear ring for this..I am looking for the right clamp..once I have that I will be done with this set. This by the way is going to my mum..yeee! We just have to buy a nice matching brown saree I guess :p :p

I also had a xmas theme snowman set and xmas gift theme set which was also pending project. I managed to do it all yesterday evening.

Working day adhuvuma vela vetti ye illaiyanu kekalam..OC dinner and no cleaning prechanai in life nu irukarappo enaku enna kavala..thanks to my friend for taking care of me last 2 days 😀



Handmade ku ooooo!!


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