Hair conditioner

Enga paatiku kitta thatta 80 vayasu aga pogudhu ana innum oru nara kooda illa but enaku adhula paadhi kooda agala ana last 5 yrs a thodarndhu dye aduchukiteeee iruken..Last 10 years kanna pinnanu shampoo conditioner nu use panni thallirken…ellam oru vayasu thirumu and cosmetics mogam..ippo vayasu aaga aaga light a bayama iruku…so olunga seekagai ku poiralamnu iruken…vangina bottle mudiyatum…but research panadhula namba fast aana vaazhkaiku ethamadiri enna naturala irukum pathadula…applie cider viniger is the best for hair conditioning…..egg is also good. so inimel no more buying conditioner from kadai! Nethi apple cider viniger poten…semmmaaa gabbu but next time innum naraya thanni kalandhu try pana poren. oru 2 months use panitu solren en mudi evlo pala pala nu agudhunu…btw ennoda pistacio biscotti super a vandhudhu…if interested here is the link for it

handmade ku oru OOOOOOO!!



3 thoughts on “Hair conditioner

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar will dry your hair out majorly. It is generally used for cleansing hair which hsa seen a lot of sulfate-based shampoo.
    Some hair masks I use :
    a) Mix Coconut milk (can from stores) and apply to hair. Wash off in 20 mins.
    b) Grind half an avocado with a little jojoba oil and dried karuveppilai.
    c) Full fat curd + a little olive oil + a little honey.
    I used to use rose petal oil to get stinky smell out of any hair mask.

    The best all natural conditioner which is similar to homemade is Aubrey Organics Rose Honeysuckle found in Whole foods.
    100 pure glossy locks hair cream is a fantastic hair cream as well.

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